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In the eastern part of the Moncolombetto estate in Diano d’Alba the morning sun dries out the dewfall and warms up the dry soil of that beautiful steep hill. This is best for Chardonnay grapes which ripen with amazing concentration of aromas. The juice is entirely fermented in oak according to the traditional French method of the fermentation “sur lies” that is a full maceration with its own skins. This Chardonnay shows ample exotic fruit in the bouquet, full-bodied taste with poignant mineral flavor and firm acidity. It is a superb expression of this world-beloved grape varietal which finds in Piedmont a specific character and unusual finesse.

The only blend in our entire portfolio of single varietals was born after planting Cabernet Sauvignon experimentally. The introduction of this French varietal inspired the fancy name “Blagheur”, a piedmontese dialect word (inherited from old French) to indicate a tall teller, especially someone who brags about French behavior. This is an ironic way to name such a marriage between the most traditional Piedmontese grapes (Nebbiolo and Barbera) together with Cabernet Sauvignon. Everyone brings something good to this party: Cab has power and deep colour, Barbera has fruit and lively acidity, Nebbiolo adds fine tannins and ethers. After two years of barrel aging, this juicy red is big in the mouth and yet soft and silky all the way through.



Langhe vini


In the cooler exposures of the Langhe vineyards, Nebbiolo grapes can be harvested a few days earlier in order to obtain a juice suitable for a younger version of this classic wine. Less alcohol, refreshing acidity, fresh fruity aromas lead to inviting early balance that does not require further barrel aging. This is a ready-to-drink, very appealing version of this varietal which defeats the prejudice that Nebbiolo may not be ready soon after the grape harvest. Try it to discover a seductive character of Nebbiolo that you may not yet have experienced and even imagined.


Another unusual interpretation of Nebbiolo is this elegant Rosè version. Early picking guarantees the right balance between alcohol and acidity. 24-hour skin-contact maceration delivers a unique clear salmon colour and then the white fermentation at low temperature keeps all delicate scents of flowers. Rose petals in the nose lead to a full mouth with plenty of fruit, melon and peach more apparent. It is the ideal pair for aperitiv, appetizers and sea food in any hot day in Spring and summer.


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